Handy 4-letter word for any situation

I want to tell you about that 4-letter word. It’s ELLA. It is an acronym I made up so I can easily remember when I am in any situation — especially a difficult one:

E = Enjoy. Is there something I can enjoy?

L = Love. Is there an opportunity to love?

L = Learn. What can I learn from this?

A = Appreciate. What can I appreciate right now?

There is always something we can focus on instead of blaming, shaming, and feeling bad. ELLA helps me. Maybe it can help you?

Be reminded of ELLA as art on a variety of merchandise offered in my gallery.

Check out my book The Power of Zero Expectations: 7 Steps to Freedom from Disappointment on Amazon.


  1. Hi again Frances! I love this! ELLA also happens to be my Mom’s first name! She passed away in 2003, but was always one to Enjoy, Love, Learn and Appreciate! Thanks for these wise and welcoming words! Anne

      1. You’re welcome, Frances! I’m printing out the above meaning of the acronym ELLA so I can see and appreciate the
        meaning more easily! These days these words are more important than ever! Anne

      2. What a great idea, Anne! Yes, I have to practice ELLA too. Some days are more challenging than others! By the way, I also have ELLA as an art piece. Check it out on different product here. Oh, and I will be emailing you regarding book signing! Thank you so much!

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