Handy 4-letter word for any situation

(First, a big WELCOME! Thank you for reading and following my blog. If you had subscribed to ask4wisdom.wordpress.com previously, you will be notified of posts that you may have already read there as I move them to my new blog francesku.com. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks very much for your patience.)

Meanwhile, I want to tell you about that 4-letter word. It’s ELLA. It is an acronym I made up so I can easily remember when I am in any situation — especially a difficult one:

E = Enjoy. Is there something I can enjoy?

L = Love. Is there an opportunity to love?

L = Learn. What can I learn from this?

A = Appreciate. What can I appreciate right now?

There is always something we can focus on instead of blaming, shaming, and feeling bad. ELLA helps me. Maybe it can help you?

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