Meditate to connect to true self

My experience in meditating has enabled me to discover a few things. Meditation can be done for a variety of reasons:

  • Relaxing the body.
  • Calming or emptying the mind.
  • Hearing your intuitive voice.
  • Tapping into wisdom and insight.
  • Experiencing a different realm or dimension.
  • Being in touch with your true self — that eternal, watching self or pure consciousness.

The most beneficial reason for me is the last one, to realize who I really am. Here is what I do:

  • Focus on my breath. This makes me focus on one thing instead of allowing my mind to roam about.
  • Relax my eyelids and resting my eyes on a distant point of reference. When the eyes are still, the brain is still.
  • Allow thoughts to come and go as they please, while focusing on the emptiness between thoughts. What you focus on expands and becomes your reality.
  • Watch what is going on.
  • Watch the watcher. This takes you deeper and closer to the true you.
  • Slowly expand the second watcher to include everything in the universe and infinity itself.
  • Enjoy becoming one with All That Is. This is my true self.
  • The first few steps can be skipped if you can easily focus and become the quiet watcher. If the watcher is still restlessly thinking, it isn’t the watcher but the watched.

These are very general steps and every meditation process is different for everyone. How do you meditate?

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