Global pandemic lesson 1: We are interconnected

As I along with the rest of the world get catapulted into a new reality, the reality of a global pandemic, I feel the urge to say the following:

The world is undergoing big changes. Unleashing this coronavirus is telling us we are not going to conquer nature. Nature has its laws, and tampering with it and going against what it is designed to do will only cause harm to us.

And no one is immune in the sense that countries are not isolated from one another. Everything is interconnected, just as humans and animals are. It is about mutual respect, and without it, everyone pays.

That interconnectedness is not only on the global level, but on the personal and relationship level. We read about the deaths mounting, and we are affected. It affects how we take precautions, prepare ourselves, and plan for our lives. We look at our relationships in a different way. We want to reach out more as we withdraw. Will I see him or her again?

The lesson is, we are in this together. Everything we do affects each other. We must practice doing things for the greater good, because utimately it all comes back. When the collective is well, we are well because we are a part of the whole.

This virus is making us realize this in the most horrific way. I shed tears reading about the hospital worker who was found dead at home, her little toddler son alive near her body. She’d contracted COVID-19. I got angry over the news that China is continuing to keep bears permanently in small cages to extract their bile for medicine, as well as opening their wildlife markets for slaughter again.

For those who are ready to take the leap, this pandemic is our opportunity. A chance to let go of any hate, greed, and fear that have been habitual. No matter how much we disagree, disapprove, and dislike something or someone, we are better off creating serenity and harmony within ourselves as much as possible. We and no one else get to experience our inner journey. We can make it as bearable as we can during these tumultuous times.

And, let go of our old ways that disconnect us from each other and from nature. Let’s embark on a new reality that will forge a better experience for all.

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