My book on Zero Expectations is now available!

Do expectations set us up for disappointment? I think so. I’ve come to believe we don’t need expectations at all. They interfere with our happiness and ability to deal with unforeseen outcomes. They don’t serve us in any way except to keep us on an emotional roller coaster. We can be motivated in much more effective ways than expecting.

If you are curious about how to alleviate the disappointment that comes from your expectations, here is my new book, The Power of Zero Expectations: 7 Steps to Freedom from Disappointment available on Amazon. After years of figuring out how to manage my expectations, I discovered…why bother? Why not just get rid of expectations? I believe this book is especially helpful at a time when we are facing so much uncertainty. Let it show you how!

Do you think expectations work?

Check out my book The Power of Zero Expectations: 7 Steps to Freedom from Disappointment on Amazon.

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