Don’t let physics deter you

When we dream, there is no limit to what we can do or what can happen. That is why dreams are strange, mysterious, and even extraordinary. They surprise us. There is no limitation. And if we are able to become conscious that we are dreaming and remain lucid, we can have control over the dream and experience the freedom to manifest whatever we want—inside the dream.

Unlike dreams, our waking world is more structured, rational, and predictable. We cannot manifest whatever we want as easily or rapidly. Turning thoughts into action to create the results we seek takes time and effort. And even then, nothing is guaranteed. The physical world is based on mechanics and solids that have weight. Matter cannot be destroyed. Outcomes not only take time, but they also involve other factors that include people and situations.

Therefore, we can be bogged down by the physics of waking life. We can feel like we are struggling, overcoming, or fighting a battle. We feel resistance in our path unlike our fluid dreams.

But remember, we are the same person whether dreaming or waking. It’s just that while we are awake, we face a denser world that requires physical energy to move and shake it. But we do not have to be discouraged by this world when it comes to experiencing what we want.

We are as limited as we allow the physical to inhibit us. And we are as unlimited as the person in our dreams. We simply step into a different reality when we go to bed and enter the dream state, and step back out again as soon as we wake up.

Don’t let the waking world bring you down. Remember your essence. Remember the true self that remains the same whether here or there. It knows no bounds. All the obstacles in the world are based on mechanics. Dance your way through them and you’ll see.

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