How to feel good in a world of opposites

This world operates between extremes—between opposites. From the weather to our emotions, we experience polarity. All of this includes being up and down, healthy and unhealthy, hot and cold, free and trapped, excited and bored, and happy and sad. Animal or human, life is a journey of ebb and flow. We ride along back and forth at varying speeds and levels, sometimes remaining at a plateau in between.

Every stumble, however painful, usually leads to something good, useful, or helpful if we look for it. Of course, I’d really rather not have the pain at all and if I could do it over, I would try to avoid it entirely even if I knew it would lead to a blessing. I happen to believe there are blessings everywhere that can be found anytime. However, I am aware that as long as I am here in this world, I cannot escape its contrasts. The ebb and flow never end until our body expires.

You see, human lives are like bouncing balls. While we are alive and filled with air, we bounce back. And when we are at our deathbed one day, we bounce out into a different realm!

That is why obstacles become doors that open, and happy times turn sour. Blessings turn into curses and curses turn into blessings. If blessings in disguise exist, so do curses in disguise. Thus, it makes sense that when life is good, I need to remember to enjoy it as much as possible for as long as possible. Know I am up there defying gravity and will be descending soon enough. So let me not take the good times for granted. And when unfortunate events occur, know that it’s only a matter of time before they too will resolve or dissipate, and I will be on my way back up again with much to look forward to.

The yo-yo is the pattern of life in this world. Sure, we can focus on how bad it is and let it demoralize us. Or we can expand our perspective and see the forest from the trees, and realize it’s one grand movie of ebbs and flows. We can ride this current all the way and feel good during the highs, with every reason to stay hopeful and optimistic during the lows.

We do not have to succumb to the lows if we keep this perspective.

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