Contemplating life’s mysteries on top of the world at Haleakala volcano, Maui, Hawaii.


Contemplating life’s mysteries on top of the world at 10,000-foot Haleakala volcano, Maui, Hawaii.

I’ve always been curious about things that are considered to be the unexplained or mystical. I always felt drawn to find the answers, and over time I am seeing a glimpse of the infinitely enlarging picture.

My present understanding about my place in the universe is that I’m an individualized unit of an infinite source of consciousness, and each of us adds our unique set of experiences and knowledge to it. That is why we can all believe in very similar things at the same time have different spiritual practices. We are all coming from different angles, expressing and contributing to the whole.

The infinite nature of everything means there is always more to learn, more to know, and therefore, more ways to aid us. What is often termed “mystery” or “mystical” is actually just a different reality that works as logically as the known world. Decoding these mysteries provides the answers to our questions and solutions to our challenges.

Wisdom is born of experience, and experience is my teacher if I pay attention. This blog is a platform for me to share the wisdom that has come to me. I do not profess to have the right answers or the best solutions for everyone. Who can? Just like everyone else, my knowledge has had its twists and turns, expanded and evolved along with the learning. I hope it always does.


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