Contemplating life’s mysteries on top of the world at Haleakala volcano, Maui, Hawaii.
Contemplating life’s mysteries on top of the world at Haleakala volcano, Maui, Hawaii.

The infinite nature of everything means there is always more to learn, more to know, and therefore, more ways to aid us. What is often termed a “mystery” is actually just a different reality. Decoding these mysteries offers many of the answers to our questions and solutions to our problems.

It all began for me as a little girl of three, loving all things creative and esoteric. I drew art incessantly, wondered about extraterrestrials, and even asked my mother about death. I can even remember when I was an infant, couldn’t talk, and was picked up from my crib.

My first philosophy class in college was the most exciting course I ever took. I eventually became a reporter for a newspaper, then ventured into painting watercolors and selling my art. I had a passion for art, and throughout it all I remained intuitive, sometimes experiencing premonitions in dreams, and had out-of-body experiences.

In 2008, I experienced a psycho-physical trauma that made me hypersensitive to energetic vibrations. For a long time I could not withstand day-to-day noises. I felt people’s voices, the refrigerator, engines, electronics, music, and traffic were all tearing through me and searing my nerves, causing me tremors to the point of exhaustion. This kept me indoors and resting most of the time.

After slowly recovering from this debilitation, I remained sensitive to energetic forces—just less viscerally and more intuitively. I eventually learned there was a universal energy that was intelligent and delivered useful information if tuned in. This has led me to explore my personal power and identity as a sovereign immortal.

What a journey it has been! This is why I am here, to share my findings with you.

Check out my book The Power of Zero Expectations: 7 Steps to Freedom from Disappointment on Amazon.


  1. Aloha Frances! Loved your phone call the other day! Sorry I wasn’t around to answer, but meanwhile I wish to say Congratulations on your new book! Am eager to have a copy of my own! How can I get a signed copy?!
    You are one talented friend – I love the artwork we bought from you in Hawaii, and we have used the Coasters (with your
    paintings on them) so very often too!
    We always had some of you artwork hanging on our walls, but since we moved have not had a chance to rehang any pictures. Will, in time! Oops, this is getting long – so will sign off, and again Congratulations on your new book! Anne Kessler

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