Psychic Readings


I scan energy fields that deliver information to me. I may feel a vibration, sense a movement, and sometimes images come up. This can be about the past, present, or future.

The first reading I ever gave was a palm reading, when I was 15 at choir practice where I played the piano. At my first job during a high school summer, I walked in an office and saw a diminutive woman sitting there. She was the secretary. I found myself bluntly telling her she was no longer in love with her husband. She stared at me in astonishment and exclaimed, ”Yes, how did you know?!” Thankfully she didn’t seem offended and even wanted to confide in me.

Of course as I grew older I learned to close off this psychic portal unless it was necessary to access. I use the compassionate approach now and share what I know only with those who request it.

Energy makes the world go round. In nature, energy is in wind, sun, wave, and lightning. In us, it is produced by thoughts, feelings, and action.

Performing readings is a privilege. It is a sacred experience to have people’s permission to delve into their personal stories and help them. Contact me if you are interested to get a reading.

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