What watercolor taught me about life

Watercolor is considered to be one of the most difficult mediums due to how uncontrollable the element of water is. It can make your painting look like a mess if the water takes over, or look like a masterpiece if you know how to dance with it and guide it along.

The important lessons it taught me about painting also taught me about life:

1. Life is a co-creating dance with the universe.

2. When something is not working no matter what you do, let go.

3. Be open to surprises. They sometimes work better.

4. Appreciate the process that you’re experiencing now, which is where magic occurs.

Indeed, magical moments lie in the process itself. They are happening all the time, but only if you take notice. No artist is truly satisfied with instantaneous paintings. It’s the experience of the flow in creativity, expression, and experimentation that gratifies and fulfills.

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