Pain is the mask that covers your joy

Is being joyful sustainable? In my attempt to be joyful, bad feelings seem to still creep in and linger. Pain from past trauma is obviously still embedded in my muscle memory and brain.

Any time we have an emotional reaction to a traumatic event, the emotional energy gets lodged in our bodily memory. I have tried healing from this. I have looked at my pain, given it love and compassion, and released it.

But what happens when the pain persists? This has befuddled me for some time.

Then I had a small epiphany. Perhaps it is because joy is my true nature and the pain has been masking the joy. What if it isn’t just the energy of pain that is trapped but the joy as well?

So I proceeded in making a video using light and sound. Imagine the light beaming out of us into the universe as you gently gaze into the image. Let the celestial sound fill our being and raise our vibration. I used images that I designed and blissful music I found online. Together, perhaps they can help me remove the mask of pain and reveal the joy that is inside me.

Let the joy shine through and dissipate the pain.

Check out my book The Power of Zero Expectations: 7 Steps to Freedom from Disappointment on Amazon.


  1. Hi Frances,

    It’s me again – Anne Kessler. Just watching some of your video! Very interesting! Calming too. And colors are relaxing. Such creativity, original ideas and passions you have.

    Also, do you have more designs of your lovely cards? I will be sending some of your greeting cards, that you sent me, to friends soon.

    Thinking of you and wishing you all kinds of joyfulness and success!

    Aloha, Anne

    1. Hi Anne,

      Good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words about my video! Glad it is calming and relaxing for you. Yes, I do have more designs for the note cards. I will take photos of them tomorrow to email you. Thanks for your interest!


  2. Hi Frances,

    On my way to bed and just saw your email here as I’m making a check of the latest emails.

    Thank you much. Looks interesting. Will read in more detail when I’m not so tired.

    Sweet dreams!


    Sent from my iPhone


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