Nobody but you can change your program

No outside user is going to change the program installed in your mind. The work to do is completely and only yours.

Once upon a time, somebody else installed a program in you, and if it doesn’t serve you, that person isn’t going to update it for you, uninstall it, or reinstall a better program. You are at once the device, user, and program manager. You are responsible for making sure your program is working.

You can do this. You have total capability. Perhaps you didn’t know you were the one to uninstall and reinstall a program. Perhaps you didn’t know you were even a user of the program. Perhaps you thought you were just the device.

No avatar, no spiritual master, no expert psychotherapist, can change your program. If you are tired of the program that’s been running your mind and therefore your life, look in the mirror. That’s the person to call.

Have you tried changing your program? How did you do it?

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