Reward yourself…for suffering

Instead of staying in suffering, we ought to reward ourselves for it. Whether the reward is healing, being kind to ourselves, returning to our happiness, or treating ourselves to something we would enjoy, we ought to do that instead of prolonging the suffering.

The person most deserving of being rewarded is the person who suffered, not the person who inflicted the suffering and got what they wanted. How we reward the perpetrator is by accepting the suffering as ours to keep. We implicitly condone what they did to us when we take the suffering with no effort in finding an exit. 

We should never agree with them that we ought to suffer. We should never become comfortable with the situation and let it become a way of life. We should find it completely alien to our exquisite sovereign being.

We should recognize that people who like to cause suffering cannot co-exist peacefully with those who don’t. And we should take steps to make sure we do not allow further suffering once it has occurred. If there is no person involved and it is an unfortunate event that caused us suffering, we must view it in the same way. Don’t give in to the unwanted situation with continued suffering.

The only way to make sure of this is to reward ourselves. Do it as soon as possible. Get ourselves out of that state of suffering. However long it takes, that should be the immediate goal. Start with small rewards if bigger ones aren’t possible.

Prolonged suffering becomes a habit and then a lifestyle. Eventually it becomes calcified in your neurological patterning that will be hard to break even if you wanted to. It can also manifest as health problems. 

There is absolutely zero need to take suffering of any kind for any reason. If you do, be aware enough to find a way out, to stop the madness. Whether the suffering started years ago or only recently, reward yourself now and keep doing it. You deserve being rewarded the most out of anyone for being a target and enduring it in the first place. 

Yes, you do.

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